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About Rapid City Priority Based Budgeting

Rapid City is a growing community with growing needs for public services. It has become apparent that this steady growth can no longer be sustained with the old spending habits and overreliance on fluctuating revenue sources. In 2017, Rapid City began its full implementation of the Priority Based Budgeting (PBB) process. Unlike the traditional incremental approach to government budgeting, where the current years budget becomes the basis for the next years spending plan, PBB allows communities, such as ours, to understand their core values and then budget according to these values. The underlying principles of the PBB framework is to question past patterns of spending and instead to prioritize resources to achieve longterm strategic goals of the community. PBB also lets us know the true cost of providing services and enhances transparency and accountability within the budgeting process.

The visualization above reflects the data from the cost of the city's services, and how they align with our strategic goals for the community. Click for more info.

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