Click into the boxes below for more detail, you can click down to view details on Departments, Divisions, and Programs. Click "Overall" to return to the top.

In the plot below, each box represents a program. The size of the box shows cost. Box shade indicates how significant the program is to achieving the result. The darker the shade the more aligned the program is with the selected result.

The table shows the highest cost program by category. Click more info to see a detailed breakdown of the program costs.


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About Ferndale Priority Based Budgeting

The City of Ferndale is determined to create long-term stability by evaluating how resources are used, and how those uses align with the priorities of our community. In 2020, Ferndale implemented priority-based budgeting (PBB), an approach to budgeting that views community needs and goals against the programs currently being offered, and how impactful those programs are in achieving the desired outcomes.

Unlike the traditional incremental approach in which the current year's budget becomes the basis for the next year's spending plan, PBB allows communities to understand their core values and then budget accordingly. The underlying principles of the PBB framework is to question past patterns of spending and prioritize resources to achieve the community's long-term strategic goals. PBB also lets us know the true cost of providing services and enhances transparency and accountability within the budgeting process.


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